Once you pre-registered you will received a link to complete your online contract.

Overview of Program

The ENTITYYOU internet lead program is an exclusive program.

Leads that are generated gives an ENTITYYOU member advisor the opportunity to engage prospects searching for annuities as a potential retirement solutions for income or accumulation.

To be successful in the program requires an ability to proactively respond to prospects over the phone in a conversation that demonstrates an ability to provide a solution to their problem.

The ENTITYYOU internet lead program includes coaching, webinars, and follow-up by the ENTITYYOU team.

What to Expect

Leads will come to you at anytime. Contacting them immediately is critical. If the lead arrives prior to or after normal working hours, use your best judgment.

Out of a group of 10 leads, you will not reach all 10. Some prospects (3-4) you will speak to immediately, and others (3-4) you may not reach. If the phone number works, it is considered a valid lead. (Specific replacement requirements are below.)

It takes a minimum of 60 leads for marketing normalization to understand an actual ROI. (This cannot be achieved in the first 10-20 leads.)

We will replace any lead with disconnected phone numbers, under 40 or over 80 years of age, and stated lead investment amount under $25,000 (duplicate leads will not count against you).

Every Friday, EntityYou sends a reconciliation report for lead verification. The deadline for completing the reconciliation on time is Friday. If the deadline is missed, all leads are counted as valid. EntityYou will make the final determination on the validity of the leads. Wrong phone number or wrong person is not a category. EntityYou must have specifics.

Lead cost is paid in advance and is $1,500.00 for 10 leads (California $1,750.00).

Cancellation of EntityYou program requires a 1 week advanced notice and can only be accepted at the completion of the order.